September 2, 2018 Night Journey 75:The heart breaks from the anguish of its own frustration and of the lies it had served. I am lost in the darkness of named and numbered lives in the endless wilderness of death. I shall not come again. We never shall come back again. We are lost….there is nothing for us now but shadows on stones….the black forgetfulness of the grave. Posted In: NIGHT JOURNEYS

46" X 28" oil on canvas 2018

Who made the war?  Who sent us forth to war?  Why these old, false, lying, greedy men, of course.  Why did you old men send us forth to war?  To further your own rapacity, to protect your own ill-gotten wealth, to conquer, ravage, and invade for your own enrichment…. And how did we go to war?  Why with faith and trust and the purity of a high conviction…. And how did we come back from war?  With hell in our eyes… We young men always go to war with faith and trust and the purity of a high conviction… And we always come back with hell in our eyes!  Why, because you false, lying, greedy, selfish, and hypocritical old men of the world have lied to us…you always lie to us.  In what way do you lie to us?  You tell us that war is beautiful, ideal, and heroic… that we are going forth to fight for pure ideas, noble faith… And what do we find?  We find that war is really ugly… is really cruel…horrible…base.  Do you know what we young men find when we go to war?  We find that men in war actually kill one another.  They shoot one another… they blow one another’s brains out… That’s what they do…why it’s murder,  sheer cold-blooded murder… it’s not what you said it was at all…and all of it because you old greedy, lying, selfish men who make the wars have lied to us and tricked us all along!       Thomas Wolf, Look Homeward Angel


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